Mobile Disco

New Music Request App

With the current COVID-19 situation and the requirement to social distance wherever possible, we have launched our new guest music request web-app, which allows your guests to make track requests from a smartphone, straight to the DJ during your party.

Your guests can get to the web-app my either typing an exclusive web address into their smartphone’s internet browser or by scanning a QR barcode which will be pre-printed on cards and distribute around your venue before your party starts. Your guests will not need to download or install anything to their smartphone; it's all done through a web browser.

Once loaded, your guests can then search for and send song requests and dedications straight to the DJ. Your guests will also be able to see other track requests made by other guests, as well as any comment by the DJ.

As always, it not always possible for a DJ to play all request for several reasons, but the app does allow the DJ to provide feedback and give the reason why they can’t play a particular request.

This app is suitable for both traditional mobile discos and karaoke parties.

Our new music request app means you and your guests can safely send track requests and interact with the DJ without having to come up to the DJ book and potentially breaking social distancing guidance.