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Party at Home - Top Tips

If you are planning a party at Home? are our top tips based on our experience.

1)    Get your neighbours on side!

Most parties make allot of noise, so the very last thing you want is your neighbourse getting annoyed and complaining, resulting in the police turning up and bring everything to an abrupt halt. If you can, let them know what you are planning and get their ‘permission’. Better still, and if its appropriate, invite them over for a drink.

2)    Toilets

Lots of guests + Food and drink = lots of trips to the toilet, and having all your guests use the one or two toilets you probably have in your house is going to result in queues and the need to have a very heavy cleaning session the following day. Instead, look to hire additional toilets for your party, which are designed to deal with lots of people, and are easily cleaned up after the party (by the hire company!). 

3)    Paper and Plastic

At ever party, someone will drop or knock over their drink and it will land on the floor.  When you are hosting your own party, you are going to be doing plenty of running around trying to keep your guests happy, so the very last issue you will want to deal with cleaning up a smashed glass. Plus combining it with paper plates will keep clean up very quick and easy at the end of it all. 

4)    Prepare for the worst possible weather. 

Hopefully, for your party the sun will be shining, and everyone will be outside enjoying Pimms in your garden, but of course, the great British weather can never be relied upon so you need to have backup plans in place just in case where your guests can keep warm and dry. A marquee is a great option, as you can have the sides up and open on a nice hot day, and pulled down if the weather is bad. 

5)    Nail it down, or remove it. 

Hopefully, your guests aren’t out to steal your stuff, but one or more are likely to have a bit too much to drink, making them clumsy, which in all probability will result is something of yours that hasn’t been nailed down to go flying and get smashed.