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Mobile Discos

Birthday, Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate, Reunion and Proms. Find out more about our mobile disco packages  


Pick a song from our huge library, step up to the microphone and sing your heart out with our Karaoke disco service.

Audio/Visual Hire

A range of PA systems, projects and LCD screens available for hire for your next event. 

Our booking terms are as followed:

1.    Timings and setting up
On the day of your event, we aim to get to your venue in good time to set up. We require at least 90 minutes to load in, set up the rig and test everything. One factor that can dramatically affect the time it takes to get set up is the distance from the unloading area to the set-up area. The further the distance, the longer it takes. It is, therefore, essential that we have clear, unobstructed, and (as far as possible) step-free access from the unloading area to the setup area. You must let us know if there are any access restrictions at your venue, if there are any stairs we will need to bring equipment up, or if the distance between the unloading area and set-up area is in excess of 20 meters. We cannot be held responsible if there are access restrictions which prevent us from being ready for the start time. At the end of your event, it will take around 60 minutes to pack up.

2.    Set-up area
The area you wish us to set up in must be solid, safe, dry and practical. We have the absolute right to refuse to set up if, in our reasonable opinion, the setup area is unsafe, or the venue is unsuitable or dangerous. The rig can be scaled to best suit your venue, but as a minimum, we require a space of 3m(w) x 2.5m(d), with headroom of 2.2m. That gives us just enough room for our DJ booth, sound and lighting stands, and a little room to move around the back of it all. While we are setting up or taking down, you must ensure that your guests (especially children) remain clear of the area. The setup area must allow access to an adequate, properly earthed, electrical power supply. We require 2 dedicated standard 13amp plug sockets or 1 dedicated 16amp socket (not extension leads) within a reasonable distance of our set-up point. Any damage to our equipment caused by inadequate power supply or power interruption (including damage caused by sound limiters) will be charged to you.

3.    Deposit and Payment
We require either a deposit or full payment to secure a booking. All deposit payments are credited towards the total, with any outstanding balance due on the night of the event on our arrival. Deposit payments can be paid by bank transfer (preferred), cheque, or by credit/debit card. Balance payments must be paid by either cash or by credit/debit card. Any payment made by cheque must have cleared before the start of your event.  Should payment not be made on the night of the event, we will charge a £20 late payment fee. If payment is then not forthcoming within 14 days after the event, we will refer the matter to our solicitors and any legal and recovery costs will be charged to you.

4.    Cancellation
If for whatever reason you need to cancel your booking, please let us know in writing (email acceptable) as soon as possible. Deposits are non-refundable if you cancel the booking. If you cancel within 14 days of your event date, we will require you to pay the full amount due for the event. For this reason, we recommend you take out event/party insurance to cover this potential loss. In the unlikely event, we are unable to attend your event for whatever reason, we will notify you in writing. If we are 14 days or less away from your event, we will attempt to find and arrange an alternative, similar service on your behalf and any costs associated with this process will be paid for by us, If more than 14 days away from your event, then we will notify you of the cancellation, refund any money paid and endeavour to refer you to an alternative supplier.

5.    Instructions and Requests
We are very happy to accept music requests from both you and your guests, both in advanced and on the night itself. We will endeavour to play as many requests as possible, however, we will exercise our judgement on track requests, and we may choose not to play a track if we believe it is unsuitable or inappropriate for your event, or might harm the atmosphere.
Other than track requests, we will only accept instructions from you personally (or where applicable, a venue manager), and only you can ask us to continue beyond the agreed finish time. Any extension beyond the finish time shown above is at our discretion (and if applicable, permission of the venue manager) and any overrun charges will become payable immediately at the rate shown above. Any requests made by a venue manager, or any other body in authority to us (e.g. police or local council) will override any instructions given by you (e.g. asked to lower the volume or stop the music).

6.    Guests Behaviour and Security
You are responsible for your guest’s behaviour towards us, and you agree to take reasonable steps to protect our equipment and personnel at all times. We will not tolerate abuse to our staff, whether verbal or physical, actual or implied. We have the absolute right to stop the music, pack up and go if we feel the safety of our staff or equipment is under threat, and in such circumstances, a refund will not be given. Any loss or damage of any of our equipment caused by your guests will be charged to you.

7.    Food and Drink
As we may have to travel more than an hour to the venue, set up, DJ and then travel an hour back, we require that we are provided with a reasonable quantity of non-alcoholic drinks for the duration of the event without cost to us. We don’t require clients to provide food to us; however for longer events, it is highly appreciated.

8.    Liability
We will always use our best endeavors to attend and deliver the service to you, in good time for your event, however despite our best efforts, it is impossible to be prepared for every eventuality. If an issue occurs, we will always do whatever we can to recover the service to you, however, in any and all situations and circumstances which result in delay or non-performance, our limit of liability to you is the refund of monies paid plus a maximum of £100 compensation.


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Coverage Area

We cover the following towns and areas in-between:

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  • Warwick and Leamington Spa
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  • Northampton
  • Oxford
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